Pay attention to the maintenance of wooden floor in children's room


The wood floor material should have a warm touch and be easy to clean. There should be no uneven patterns or seams, because any small things that accidentally fall into these sunken seams may become a potential threat to children. At the same time, these uneven patterns and gaps can easily trip toddlers.

The floor material is too hard, although it is easy to clean, but it will be uncomfortable for children who crawl around. Therefore, the floor must be more flexible, and the anti-skid performance is better! It is said that there is a floor designed specifically for children, and parents can choose their favorite colors at will. The material is made of linseed oil plant, the odor emitted is not only harmless to human body, but also beneficial to children's respiratory diseases.

Do not pave plastic floors. Some foam plastic products on the market, such as floor puzzles, will release a lot of volatile organic substances, which will affect the health of children.